Free Weights and Bars

What does 100,000 lbs of free weights look like all in one place? Find out and visit our showroom today. California’s largest selection of weights and bars – and – competitive to Internet prices! Our huge selection ranges from the basic cast iron weight sets for the novice to Olympic and International quality plates and bars used in Colleges and Crossfit Studios across the country.

Freeweight equipment is a great way to build strength, muscle size or even tone and firm muscles, and can be used by people of all ages and fitness levels. Weight training is an extremely effective method of burning fat, toning muscles, building joint strength and warding off osteoporosis. After the age of 30, bone and muscle mass start a natural decline. These reductions in bone and muscle mass continue as we age, but weight-bearing exercise can significantly slow this process. Using free weights and weight benches will help incorporate more muscles than other types of weight training. Safety, comfort and adjustability are very important when considering any type of weight system. Essentially, all you need are some barbells and dumbbells to get started. You’ll need to add at least a good weight bench and squat rack to allow every muscle group to be completely worked. Benefits of using free weights include: low cost, larger variety and freedom of movement, as well as limited space requirements.

Can you find what you need on this list? Cast iron dumbbells, rubber hex dumbbells, urethane dumbbells, chrome dumbbells, neoprene coated dumbbells, vinyl coated dumbbells, fixed dumbbells, dumbbell handles, thin dish Olympic plates, deep dish Olympic plate, rubber coated Olympic plates, Olympic plates with handles, black or gray standard plates, chrome standard plates, bumper plates, and more!!!

And no, “Free Weights” are not actually FREE.